The Route
Modifications to the original route, bridges, locks etc. shown on these maps are only possibilities for discussion and should not be assumed to be anything else. 
These maps are large scale so may take a while to download,
so please be patient.

Uffington Bridge to Uffington Arch Bridge
Uffington Arch Bridge to Kingston Common Bridge
Kingston Common Bridge to Broadleaze Farm Bridge
Broadleaze Farm Bridge to New Road Bridge
New Road Bridge to Milepost 42 Bridge
Milepost 42 Bridge to Stockham's Bridge
Stockham's Bridge to Grove Bridge A338
Grove Bridge A338 to Spirit Lock
Spirit Lock to Railway Bridge
Railway Bridge to Hanney Road Bridge
Hanney Road Bridge to Drayton Bridleway Bridge
Drayton Bridleway Bridge to Meadow Farm Bridge
Meadow Farm Bridge to B4017 Bridge
B4017 Bridge to River Thames