West Challow Bridge to Childrey Footbridge
Over the past few months we have been working on the fencing along here.  This will eventually be a permissive footpath, which means there has to be a gate at each end.  On July 28th 2007 we installed the second gate at the Childrey end.  All (all??) we have to do now is to finish clearing the canal bed and re-instating the footpath/towpath.
Fencing 001

Preparation at the Childrey footpath end.

Fencing 002
Fencing 003

Fencing 004
Fencing 005

Fencing 006
Fencing 007

West from the bridge.

Fencing 008
Fencing 009

East from the bridge.

Back to the West side.


Fencing 010
Fencing 011

Looking East towards bridge.


Fencing 012
Fencing 013

Looking West.


Fencing 014
Fencing 015

Ready to install the gate.


Fencing 016
Fencing 017

Finished and looking good.


Fencing 018
Fencing 019

Another quick look East.


Fencing 020
Fencing 021


Fencing 022
Fencing 023


Fencing 024
Fencing 025

Our interested spectators.


Fencing 026
Fencing 027


Fencing 028
Fencing 029


Fencing 030
Fencing 031


Fencing 032
Fencing 033
Back at West Challow Bridge.

A quick tidy up here after the floods.


Fencing 034
Fencing 035
The gate installed here previously.


Fencing 036
Fencing 037
Looking to the East.


Fencing 038
Fencing 039
Looking to the West.


Fencing 040
Fencing 041
West Challow Bridge.


Fencing 042